domenica 28 febbraio 2010

I had this wardrobe in my room. It's following me from my first home. Every time i've changed home I disassembled it and assembled it again.
The furnitures of my room are so different that sometimes I felt like living in a storeroom. So I decided: I have to tidy it. Right Now!
So I throw away lot of stuff I amassed during the years. And than...I disassembled the wardrobe and I move it to my father basement.
So...I live on the third floor. No elevator. I had to bring one piece at time as they are quite big.
And than I put everything into my small car and reach my parents home (very close to my home). There I help my father...and I came back to clean and move the drawer, the lamps, almost everything in the room.
So now my bedroom is for sure better...i'm finished but i'm happy.
Have a good monday!

sabato 13 febbraio 2010

The Talamoni of Palazzo Davia Bargellini, Bologna (XVII)

Sunny day (at last) so I had a walk and a lunch out in a cosy (and cheap) restaurant.
Historic centre was so crowded in the after noon that I must return home...directly into my bed.
I realized, not nowadays actually, that my life start to "decline" enough years ago. So it's time to change. It was already time to change last yera and the year before...but I have no time left.
First I must change my attitude. Stop complaining - at first - and look for goodness everyday.
Second I must find new friends. I broke with lot of people, sometimes it was my fault. Non always.
Third...I want to move to another place, I want to find a place I can call home, not only house.
Will I succed? Let's try.

lunedì 1 febbraio 2010

it was a white day

Saturday we had our art white night. It was cold, so cold. But there was the moon. On Sunday I woke up and the word was really white, once again.
I had a trip (I had to), I drove through the hills close to Bologna
I found the path in the silent wood, i guessed it was harder.Thank You Saint Luca, You are still taking care of Us from the top of your hill
I dreamt of a warm home, just above the field, at the end of the word.