martedì 24 marzo 2009

I read this post on French Essence.
I'd like to show where olive trees I wrote about grow.
Here You are the small village where the family of my friend live. As You can see is a kind of Castle (a Rocca) just up to a hill surrounded by olive trees, wood and fields.
It is located in Umbria at the heart of Italy.
The climate is right for olive trees, not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer (sometimes in August it was so cold we had to light up the fireplace) and for humans too! I must confess I'd like to live there...maybe one day.
So far I only act as a tourist and as a farm worker too!

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vicki archer ha detto...

I would love to try this olive oil - we must exchange one day. What a beautiful part of the world. In my next life I am living in Italy. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

massi ha detto...

Thanks a lot! We'll do...for sure next time I'll visit provence I'll bring it to you.
I had a relaxed was always raining here!

The Machinist's Wife ha detto...

We have an olive grove less than 2km away from our home. It is so good to see how GREEN the olive grove in your picture is. Our landscape is shades of brown and yellow and you can see a lot of soil. What a difference.