lunedì 12 aprile 2010

Ohi Ohi...Steven from "my life, my thoughts" asked me to tell ten things about myself and than pass it on to deserving bloggers.
1) i am a dreamer. I often "fly" aways even when people talk to me (especially at work). So don't worry if i sometimes look lost;
2) i can't watch television...if someone talk about tv stars i can't argue at all;
3) i love listen to the radio (i have my favourit one...of course) and every kind of music;
4) if i could i'd live outdoor all year round; i love nature, plants, flowers, if I could have a garden it will be a jungle!
5) id'l like to have friends from all over the i guess diversity (cultura, racial, mentality...) is a big richness that we should keep and exchange each other;
6) i can't stand violence, even the verbal one;
7) i am a gourmant: good food, good wine: i guess the way to my heart is close to my stomach! Best way to spend time with friends is around the table;
8) if i could i change home, furniture, decoration...more than I do!
9) i love reading books, many books, and after a shot period i forget almost everything, better, i mix plots, my mind i write a new one!
10) i love being in love...

Now the rules ask me to pass this on to other bloggers.
May I ask it to the following friends?

Will@Bright Bazar

Feel free to join it.

domenica 11 aprile 2010

I was not here for Easter

I was travelling in Italy, one of the thing I love the most...