venerdì 28 maggio 2010

a we in Bordeaux

Last w.e. I was in Bordeaux. I went there for some relaxed days just strolling through the town I already visited years ago when I spent some days in the vineyards (mostly vineyards and winery...).
Bordeaux is beautiful, charming and elegant.
I really had a good time there, so I leave here few pictures I took there...but i can't post the feeling, the sun, the beautiful people, the good food and the good wines!

lunedì 17 maggio 2010

one month ago...

Yesterday was great: at last We had sun and the perfect May weather, here in Bologna.
So, beloved roses, this is your month: bloom and colour the streets.

I took a long walk, from home to the the top of San Luca's hill. There is a long Arcade from the bottom until the top of the hill, thant links the Meloncello Arc to the Basilica.

Lots of people were walking, running, taking pictures, as I did (walking, running, taking pictures). From the pathway you can have a nice view over part of Bologna historical centre and the flat Po valley.
And You can see the Bolognesi Hills at their best.
From the Basilica the landcape was stunning! he highest Appennino Mountains were still white. Lokking at the Po valley You could easy see the Alps Mountains.
It is so strange that just around the corner We have a Heaven like this: only ten minutes from the town...

Hope Everybody could enjoy this environment...even my little nephew that today is One month old! Happy month sweet and lovely Letizia. Your adoring Uncle will bring You here as soon as possible.

sabato 15 maggio 2010


I love good food and good wine. I like cooking and I often cook fish - when I find it fresh at the market.
Some days ago I had a not so good time at work (this is one of that time of the year that I think I'd better plough the fields) I took some hours of vacation as I need to leave the office.
As I can't just lay down on the sofa - I know I have a strange idea of relax - I went to the market, bought some fish too - I returned home with four heaped shopping bags - and I started cooking, while I was drinking a cold and strong Caipirinha I prepared at first.
The dinner was very good and nothing left over.

Here some pictures I took; hope You can enjoy them.