domenica 17 ottobre 2010


Sunday is going to finish and I'm blue and cold.
Maybe because it has been a too long afternoon alone. Maybe because it's raining since I woke up. Maybe as I'm not having funny evenings recently...
I found some pictures I took at the end of September while I was going to Assisi. It was an happy day (at least at that moment) that finished in a bad I was not sure to publish them. But I guess it could be a kind of cathartic cure for my soul. So I'm sharing them, and I'll try to loose myself driving my first car (actually it was a red FIAT500), walking between the cypress'lines (there's a firm over there) and flying...not only with my head in the clouds.

domenica 3 ottobre 2010


Too much time passed since I last wrote here.
It was still summer, now it's fall, weather is changing, days are shorter and in the morning I'm cold riding my bike.
I was too busy, I really didn't feel like share my mind...maybe I was simply lazy.
But I still had to post about last day at the sea, on a September warm day.
And after a beautiful day a stunning sunset taken while I was coming back home.