lunedì 15 giugno 2009

Last week we celebrate my brother's birthday. He and his wife came for a dinner. As I know him...better than He think...the menu was with what we call something close to perfection: bistecca alla fiorentina (Florence' style Steak) and oh so good Sagrantino (a delicious red wine from Umbria Region). The steaks as you can see were as they must be: more than 4 cm thick, with T-bone, big enought to say: ok after this I can't afford other meal, thanks! The wine I bought from a producer iI haven't tasted has been a risk, but it was perfect. I only had to open the bottle about 3 hours before as the wine was from 2004.

Changin topic this weekend I visited some friends that have a mobile home in a camping on the mountains near Parma. Nice place, between the whoods, not as hot as here in town where summer has already arrived.
On sunday we move to La Spezia, and from the harbour we took the boat to Portovenere, the southern door to the Cinque Terre. It was sunday and it is summer, so it was a little too crowded for my taste, but It has been a nice trip. We just wlak trought the village, its narrow streets, the church over the sea, and the other one, both beautiful. The castle on the top of the village, the shops, the flavour of basilic and sea...what can I say more: I can only post a picture of the sea You can find here. And, of course, you can see me...but you can't see as sad I was as I didn't take with me my swimsuit!

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vicki archer ha detto...

This looks like heaven Massi....xv

Rupert Alistair ha detto...

Ah! I so would like to have shared that outstanding meal! Mmmm.
Gorgeous shots of both the sea and the beef!


thomas ha detto...

excellent photos!

Jennifer Lee ha detto...

gorgeous photos .... looks like a fantastic place :)


Kyle ha detto...

Stunning photos Massi. The sea looks magical.

The next time you forget your swimsuit, just use the natural one you got at birth. I'm sure many of us would not mind. ;)

massi ha detto...