lunedì 1 febbraio 2010

it was a white day

Saturday we had our art white night. It was cold, so cold. But there was the moon. On Sunday I woke up and the word was really white, once again.
I had a trip (I had to), I drove through the hills close to Bologna
I found the path in the silent wood, i guessed it was harder.Thank You Saint Luca, You are still taking care of Us from the top of your hill
I dreamt of a warm home, just above the field, at the end of the word.

6 commenti:

The Machinist's Wife ha detto...

Just simply beautiful. I don't need the heat of Australian summer to entice me to go, Massi; - your photos and description sell each and every place you go!

Kyle ha detto...

I really like the first and third shot Masssi. They capture each moment. Pretty enough to frame well. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Stephen ha detto...

Bella, bella, Massi!

nevin ha detto...

So Beautiful..

Bear Me Out ha detto...

Massi, thank you for reading and commenting at my blog. I'm reading some of yours. Beautiful country, great pictures, handsome bear.

Reality Observer ha detto...

I love the beautiful photos and the good taste with which you display your environment. Thanks for posting.