lunedì 12 aprile 2010

Ohi Ohi...Steven from "my life, my thoughts" asked me to tell ten things about myself and than pass it on to deserving bloggers.
1) i am a dreamer. I often "fly" aways even when people talk to me (especially at work). So don't worry if i sometimes look lost;
2) i can't watch television...if someone talk about tv stars i can't argue at all;
3) i love listen to the radio (i have my favourit one...of course) and every kind of music;
4) if i could i'd live outdoor all year round; i love nature, plants, flowers, if I could have a garden it will be a jungle!
5) id'l like to have friends from all over the i guess diversity (cultura, racial, mentality...) is a big richness that we should keep and exchange each other;
6) i can't stand violence, even the verbal one;
7) i am a gourmant: good food, good wine: i guess the way to my heart is close to my stomach! Best way to spend time with friends is around the table;
8) if i could i change home, furniture, decoration...more than I do!
9) i love reading books, many books, and after a shot period i forget almost everything, better, i mix plots, my mind i write a new one!
10) i love being in love...

Now the rules ask me to pass this on to other bloggers.
May I ask it to the following friends?

Will@Bright Bazar

Feel free to join it.

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Will @ Bright.Bazaar ha detto...

Hi massi! I enjoyed reading your 10 things and thank you for asking me to list mine. Here goes...

1) I too am a dreamer, which comes from being a Piscean!

2) I love everything about colour and notice it everywhere I go - buses, bins, trees, the sea, fabrics - you name it!

3) I have an unhealthy addiction to glossy interior magazines.

4) I am very interested in other cultures, especially European countries and America, where I have many friends and enjoy visiting as often as I can.

5) I'm with you on violence - I can't stand it either.

6) I appreciate the finer things in life - good food, great wine, even better company.

7) I'm trying to appreciate the everyday routines of life, they are so simple, but when things get stressful or hard, they are very comforting.

8) Being in love is the best feeling in the world.

9) I've loved interiors for many years and blogging about them makes me really happy.

10) Long country walks, reading by an open fire and dining alfresco are three of my favourite things!

Steven Anthony ha detto...

what wonderful answers my friend.....we seem to have alot in common;)

nevin ha detto...

awesome!! well done Missi :)

the sculptures top on your post Have you got any idea belong to who? with the newspaper one. I love it, I wish I know the artist.. take care :)

massi ha detto...

Hi Nevin. I took the picture during the Bologna Art white night on 30/01/2009...but I can't remember the artist.

Michael Mattison ha detto...

Hi Massi! Missed being on your blog. :-)
I don't know if you meant me with your list, or somebody else, but I just wanted to say your list of 10 attributes about yourself is cute. (Like you!)

massi ha detto... was you!

Michael Mattison ha detto...

Massi, so you did mean me after all; thanks! Here are 10 things about myself I'm hoping are halfway interesting. Since you're Italian and I love Italy, then how about 10 things with an Italian theme?
1. I’m not the best cook, but I make excellent espresso drinks with my simple little caffettiera.
2. I speak perfect idiomatic German, but my Italian should be WAY better than it is, considering how often I’m in Italy. Che peccato!
3. Florence is my favorite Italian city. A close second: Bologna (!!) and Rome.
4. I saw Giorgio Armani at the Emporio Armani store in Milan. He’s tiny, and I almost walked right past him, distracted by all the hot salesmen.
5. My favorite Italian ice-cream: watermelon (I’ve only ever seen it in Sicily). Instead of seeds it's got bits of dark chocolate.
6. My 2nd-favorite kind: the brioche ice-cream sandwiches found, again, in Sicily. Works only with creamy flavors, e.g. vanilla, chocolate, coconut. (Watermelon in a brioche? No.)
7. I was at the famous opera house “La Fenice” in Venice just a few months before it burned down in 1995.
8. I love vacations in Viareggio, on Tuscany’s Riviera della Versilia. (And NOT just because the nightlife in Torre del Lago is hot, in every sense!) Pisa, LUcca, Carrar, Pietrasanta are all nearby and are so beautiful.
9. They say beauty is subjective, but actually it isn’t: The most gorgeous guys are Italians! Which isn’t to say every other country doesn’t have its lookers. But Italy is just spilling over with them!
10. Speaking of which: Even though I have a boyfriend, I can’t help flirting with the Italian men! I know it's terrible, but does it make it any better to say I don't always initiate it? :-)

massi ha detto...