sabato 15 maggio 2010


I love good food and good wine. I like cooking and I often cook fish - when I find it fresh at the market.
Some days ago I had a not so good time at work (this is one of that time of the year that I think I'd better plough the fields) I took some hours of vacation as I need to leave the office.
As I can't just lay down on the sofa - I know I have a strange idea of relax - I went to the market, bought some fish too - I returned home with four heaped shopping bags - and I started cooking, while I was drinking a cold and strong Caipirinha I prepared at first.
The dinner was very good and nothing left over.

Here some pictures I took; hope You can enjoy them.

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Michael Mattison ha detto...

Massi -- delicioso! I hope whomever you were cooking for deserved this delectable dinner.
:-) Any new white wine recommendations?
(Hey, great view you've got from your home, too.)

massi ha detto...

Michael ;D

I can recommend You "Bramito del Cervo" by Castello della Sala (Antinori). Is a delicious Chardonnay from Umbria.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar ha detto...

Dinner looks gorgeous, shame Michael and I couldn't hve joined you! Have a lovely weekend.

Anonimo ha detto...

I cook to relax as well....this all looks very good, so when do i get an invite;)

dotblogg ha detto...

yummy! I love fish and wine too!:) Now I got 2 dry red "Zweigelt's" from Austria-they're delicious but of course not with fish;)
take care

massi ha detto...

- was so. We really apreciated it! Wish the same to you.

- Steve You can understand me for sure. Tell me is You or Yours blogs in vacation? Are You planning a gran tour?

- Just You know there are some red wine that suit fish too? :)

Cashon&Co ha detto...

Oh that looks like heaven! That food and that view! Now I'm hungry!