venerdì 11 giugno 2010


The 2nd of June is our National Holiday. So I took the opportunity (as it was Wednesday) for a short vacation in Malta.
I must wasn't love at first sight between me and this Island. But when it was time to leave I was already missing it.
I stayed in Valletta, the main and old town, in a nice and quiet Hotel. Maybe it would be better staying in a more turistic place, as Sliema or Saint Julian, as in the evening Valletta is almost dead!
I spent my time walking and travelling by bus, just enjoying the blue sky and sea and the good weather.
I share here only few pictures...even if I'm sure they can't give the atmosphere I found there.

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Michael Mattison ha detto...

Massi -- You are really becoming quite the jet-setter these days! And a great photographer, too: I'm a big fan of street scenes, and you've got some nice ones here. Love the skyline at night -- your best shot! Well, your best shot is actually you sitting on that bench in your tight jean shorts, but that's a different story... And did I mention tight? :-)

massi ha detto...

;-) thanks Michael ;D

dotblogg ha detto...

Hey! I love your pictures! I didn't know Malta is such a pretty place!
In two weeks I'm going to Italy!I adore it so much that I could stay there forever!You're so lucky to live there!

Nevin ha detto...


Will @ Bright.Bazaar ha detto...

Hey Massi! Great to see these pictures from your trip to Malta...all of it looks wonderful, but I have to agree with Michael, your best shot is of the skyline and water front at night, for sure.

Also, I'm excited to discover with each post how similar our dress sense the grey and jean shorts (have both myself) and that stripy tee is such fun, too.

Nice work buddy! Will

massi ha detto...

Nevin...for a short vacation is perfect!

Will, I think that we have similar taste with home decoration too!

Even if my home is more a balance between what I'd like and what I can...