martedì 17 agosto 2010

already half august?

Yes...already half August has passed by. I spent the 15th with parents that rented a little home in the country south of Bologna, close to the Appennini mountains.
We had our traditional bq, lots of meat, good wine, and everything that makes me think that NOTHING is better than Mom's kitchen!
Between lunch and dinner I had a promenade (so I tested my new Camera) from the garden untill the small tipical village close to my parent's home.

Ii was a sunny, not too warm, very nice day.

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Steven Anthony ha detto...

sounds and looks like a perfect day...nothing beats moms cooking.

I am posting a drink just for you on TGIF drink this week;)

Steven Anthony'
Man Dish~Metro Style

Will @ Bright.Bazaar ha detto...

You just can't beat mum's cooking! Glad you had a good time - can you believe autumn is almost here?!

massi ha detto...

ok Steven, I'm thirsty!

Will almost unbelievable...

Nevin ha detto...


Kyle ha detto...

The new camera seems to be working well for you Massi. I especially like the marigold flower close-up.