domenica 3 ottobre 2010


Too much time passed since I last wrote here.
It was still summer, now it's fall, weather is changing, days are shorter and in the morning I'm cold riding my bike.
I was too busy, I really didn't feel like share my mind...maybe I was simply lazy.
But I still had to post about last day at the sea, on a September warm day.
And after a beautiful day a stunning sunset taken while I was coming back home.

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Will @ Bright.Bazaar ha detto...

The sea looks wonderful, as does the sunset, Massi. I hope you had fun at 'white night out' last night downtown? x

Anonimo ha detto...

what beautiful pics, your smile tells the entire story, looks like you enjoyed yourself :)

massi ha detto...

Hi Will. It was nice, the evening was warm and lots of people was there. I had a good time.

Steven You're right...and I'm missing the beach right now!

dotblogg ha detto...

I'm glad you wrote and posted something:)I love the last picture the most!it's incredible,it reminds me the picture I took in Trieste this year. Colour are stunning..:)
have a great week!

Michael Mattison ha detto...

Massi, the last rays of summer are looking very good on you! Which beach were you at -- on the Adriatic or the Tuscan coast?
You're so lucky -- Italian summers always start a month earlier and end a month later than ours here in northern Europe.
(And hey, are you a swimmer? You've got a typical broud-shouldered swimmer's build. Like Will!)

massi ha detto...

thanks J. It was Adriatic coast. Hope You have a great week too. I wrote above it was Adriatic coast near Ravenna. I used to be a swimmer, but it was a quite long time ago.

manuel ha detto...

looks amazing! it is getting chilly here in chicago too but this weekend it's going to be in the 80's which is odd for this time of year! hope all is well!

melocoton ha detto...

great photos! greetings from barcelona.

Mauro Paim ha detto...

Si. Io lascio... Amo gli photographs. Thanks for braving the chill to regale us with such beautiful scenes.


Julia R. Dominguez Lawrence ha detto...

Beautiful photos! First time visitor, just discovered your blog. I look forward to your future post. Ciao