sabato 4 dicembre 2010

a bright sunday

Last saturday some friends came to Bologna and we spent the all week end together. We spent time downtown, from one bar to another, strolling down the streets ready for Christmas.
Sunday we have a lunch at my place. I cooked all sunday morning and they enjoyed all.
They left in the late afternoon. It was snowing: it was the first time this season.
The atmosphere was so nice that I started with Christmas decorations. A little bit too early, I know, but I felt in that way.
Here some some pictures I took before friends arrived...

7 commenti:

Michael ha detto...

Bologna in the snow, and a homecooked meal prepared by a very welcoming host -- what more could one ask for? Nice pix, nice description, Massi.
Yes, I'm officially in the holiday spirit too -- love it. :-)
Have a great weekend,

massi ha detto...

Thanks Michael. Sooner or later You'll be my guest, ok?
Have a great weekend too.

dotblogg ha detto...

ohh:) how lovely! I'm glad that you had such a pleasant weekend:)I hope this weekend is as nica as that one:)

(almost Christmas)hugs;)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar ha detto...

Ah, Massi, what a delight it would be to come over to yours for Sunday lunch. Your place looks super cosy! Hope you are keeping warm over there? It's freeeeeeezing here in the UK!

Anonimo ha detto...

How lovely. snow, a home cooked meal, good friends, ah perfection:)


massi ha detto...

dotblog, this we only relax...and more Christmas time.

Will even here is freeeeeezing!

David You're right, it has been a perfect day.

Kyle ha detto...

Massi, you can never take out the decorations out too early. I start just after Thanksgiving here, and they don't get put away until after I celebrate my birthday in early January.