domenica 20 dicembre 2009

Ok, this year sounds to be a white christmas.
Cold, snow, ice...everthing looks right, at least outside my home.
Yesterday I had a walk.
Trees were covered by snow, the hills around white and the air clean.
The old town looks so great.
In front of he basilica of San Petronio there is the Santa Wood: there were the reindeer too, and it was so cold they really didn't look out of place here.
It was nice, children were playing with snow, and almost everybody was happy.
Even the God Nettuno was less serious than usual!
And then, when I was freezed enought, I came back home for lunch...well it was 6pm, but it wasn't already time for dinner.

2 commenti:

Kyle ha detto...

Massi, it sounds like a perfect winter day. The pictures you included with he post are breathtaking. Bologna certainly has the architecture and character I love.

massi ha detto...

Thanks Kyle!
It has been a perfet winter so far...
Probably you'd like Bologna!