domenica 14 marzo 2010

sunny day

On wednesday when i open the window this is what i saw:
snow, cold, still full winter! It wasn't easy going out to work, but I had to.

So when I woke up yesterday and I saw it was sunny, a bright winter saturday, i must have a day out! First i strolled through Ravenna for a coffee and to see some shops. There where so many tourists...and lot of people just walking and enjoying the sun. Than i moved to the see, Marina di Ravenna for instance.

After lunch ( good) i moved to a small village between Ravenna and Bologna: Bagnacavallo. I stopped for a babà (delicous) and a coffe and I took some pictures of this nice and old place.

And today still a nice day, so i'm doing some homework and than I'll deserve a promenade!

7 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

what a wonderful day, you looked very happy and nice;) beautiful town

massi ha detto...

thanks Steven ;D

jane ha detto...

loved your tour. yay! blue skies! we also had blue skies here- the first in months. happy days!

Michael Mattison ha detto...

Massi, you're looking very, very sexy in your cool jacket. But I'm sure you already know that. :-) But hey, don't steal the spotlight away from me and my silver jacket, OK? :-) Actually, I think there's room for both of us on the catwalk of life. :-)

Hey, the spring has arrived here in Germany, so I can imagine it's definitely spring down in Bologna -- time for a new picture with no snow at Dicemas. (You're sooooo lucky to live in one of Italy's most beautiful cities...)

Baci & abbracci

massi ha detto...

Jane i was so looking forward for blue skie! At lat we had it.

Hei Michael...i'm not steal it at all! And I confirm what I wrote.
It looks like spring arrived. But there is still snow on the hills around the town.
That was the first began the season!!! Bacio a te.

erica@ moth design+luxe life ha detto...

Looks gorgeous there. A cold grey day here in Canada. Enjoy! :)

Kyle ha detto...

Massi, I guess the snow was a shock. Glad you wee able to enjoy the day. Spring won't really be here in force for some time.

The palace is grand; I particularly like the brick work.